How Do Parents React to Low Grades

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How do parents react to
Your low grades?

Sept 25 –Obviously grades are one of teenager’s major problems. Mostly; parents are the one to freak out when they learn about it. In my case, I’m always afraid to fail each test even to the smallest ones. I’m pretty sure my parents would yell at me. Normally they are very nice but when they find out that I got a low grades in a certain subject, they would immediately confiscate all my gadgets and they would make me study as long as they want plus I’ll be grounded for at least two weeks. Why are they like that? Isn’t it too much of a punishment? Isn’t it already a torture? I don’t want to think that way because they are my parents and I know they just want the best for me. I just want them to know that I’m doing all the best I can in school so that they wouldn’t be disappointed on me. HAY! :( What can I do its life; we can’t choose our own parents. –Iannah

Sept 26 –HEY Iannah! I totally get you. Parents are indeed quite strict about their children’s performance in school, mainly because of the fact that they want what's best for us. But in your case, I find your parents overly reacting, I can feel you, because my parents are the same before but they have changed. If before my dad would usually scream at my face, now he just gives me words of advice. My mom won’t let me out for weekends with my friends before, if I got low grades! But hey, she has been very supportive now. You know what I did? I talked to them, I gave them assurance because I know in myself that I work my best to reach the top, we opened up, we’ve exchanged thoughts, we were able to understand each other’s point of view and since then our relationship evolved and I even got better in school. It’s a relief to know that your parents trust you! Promise them, you’ll never let them down! I hope you best of everything. –Ranier

Sept 27 –I know how you feel. My parents are exactly the same. Everytime I would get a grade under 75%, my parents...
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