How Do Men View Women

Topics: Simone de Beauvoir, Woman, Playboy Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: April 22, 2013
How Do Men View Women
There are different variables that play into why women are viewed as objects. In today’s society media plays a role on how men view women. As one can see on television commercials and magazines, this adds to why men view women as sexual objects. Although all women are not the same and are individually different, the question remains how should a man look at a woman? In the passage, Looking at Women written by Scott Russell Sanders, he uses different examples to demonstrate the connection between how women present themselves and how they are viewed by men. The following rhetorical strategies are being used by Sanders to make his argument: begging the question, causal relationship, and backing.

Sanders uses begging the question when he describes his first sexually attracting experience at the age of eleven. Him and his friend Norman sat in their car as the young girl with the pink shorts walks by. He tried to understand how the young girl had the ability to make him feel the way he did. He states, “I sank into the seat, and tried to figure out what power had sprung from that sashaying girl to zap me in the belly” (180). Did the young girls dressing in reveling clothes and walking around presenting her self the way she did cause him to shift from one world to the next? The passage mentions that the girl left very little to the imagination as her pink halter bared her stomach. Sanders also demonstrates begging the question in his passage when he goes into depth explaining his first encounter with a naked woman through photographs. He explained as he entered college his roommate hanged photos of playboy magazines. Further he describes that he would dwell over the poster and ask himself why did he see them as objects and not human beings. As mention before this contributes to why woman are viewed as sexual objects.

The second rhetorical strategy used by Sanders is casual relationship. He explains how he invented mythical lives for the...
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