How Did the Mayan People Disappear

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  • Published : June 9, 2012
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[Lasadia: you need a page before this one that is A TITLE page. It has title, your name on it, etc. then start of actual essay goes here. See instructions ]

60 of 100 "D" Lasadia--this falls short on clarity and just about every category; see all comments on these pages and also see the rubric. For future classes, please get help on your writing--ask at your home campus.]

[You needed to get items 10-14 from the CLASS INFORMATION list in the Student center---as was part of the instructions posted for this assignment. course Guide instrucitons not followed very well.]

[Writing---too many errors of grammar and poor sentences with garbled meaning. You need to allot more time to your writng for a college paper, Lasadia--get some help at your home campus. Don't be shy about that.]

[Where are the in-text citations? Required for support. Every paragraph below needs at least one or two of them. Normally the in-text citations are short references to items on your References list at the end--but those sources don't focus on the Maya collapse.] Even after of years of investigating and research of the mysteries disappearance of the Mayan people[,] archaeologists are yet to find the actual cause. The society has reached complexity around 750 AD [drop "ago"], so over the next several years it will be an epic in time [???,meaning? grammar?] , with the disappearance which it was barely a trace or even a detail about the situation that caused it. Also up until now this day [redundancies] we are still trying to discover the reasons behind it and what led up to this point in the culture.

The gap of understanding has made a lot of people wonder about the various reasons about the dessert ion of the sites. Without proof the collapse of the Maya civilization could have been the result of a systemic failure, which caused the villages to be abandoned by elites, and commoners over the years. It has been over seventy different...
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