How Did Buddhism Spread Throught China?

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  • Published : March 21, 2011
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There are multiple reasons why and how Buddhism spread in China. I feel that factors like, religion, politics, and social, played a major part in spreading Buddhism throughout China. The factors mentioned are usually a contributor in global changes and has definitely played its part in China’s adapting a new belief. Of course there were other reasons, like economic, that caused the people of China to gravitate to the Buddhist ways. People reconsidering their faith, due to many of life downfalls or the weight of participants in something that’s new, gained recognition and spread due to popular demand. During the political chaos from 221 to 589 that came with the collapse of the Han Dynasty, Buddhism started to become a strong existence in China. So in other words, during the Tang dynasty, Buddhism started with curiosity and after the fall of the Han dynasty, it seem as if the people of China yawned for change of good and looked to Buddhism to lead the way. The following paragraphs are going to briefly explain some ways, religion, politics, and society induced the spread of Buddhism.

In reference to our history textbook, the religious contribution towards Buddhism progressed when the Han dynasty of China extended power towards central Asia, causing the ties between China and central Asia to grow. A Chinese monk by the name of Xuan Zang went to India, returning with 500 crates of Buddhist literature. Buddhism became more widely known and a Chinese monastery for Buddhist teachings was formed. People began to relate to Buddhism, but due to poor translations, Taoist had to be used like fillers to understand and grasps the material about Buddhism. After the fall of Han, Buddhism started to attract more people because of the moral fabric and passion it presented and seemed to open a door a better and happier life. But at the time, the people of China were experiencing many challenges like war and even a very demanding political regime, that may put a damper on their...
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