Grade 7 Social Studies

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Mrs. Cooper

China Builds an Empire

Use the map and timeline on page 208-209 to answer the following questions. 1.What natural land feature covers over a fourth of the land of China? The Himalayas – tallest mountains in the world

2.What two deserts are found in China?
The Gobi Desert and the Taklimakan Desert

3.Based on the physical geography of China where would most people live? In eastern China

4.What time period is covered on this map? present day - timeline covers 200 -1600 5.When did the spread of Buddhism in China take place?

Lesson 7-1 Reunifing China

1.What was the Han Dynasty known for? A time of progress and prosperity

2.When did the Han Dynasty fall? 220

3.What happened in China after the fall of the Han Dynasty? Conflict and chaos

4.Who ruled during this time? Various kingdoms fought with each other to rule

5. What other problems did China suffer from during this time? Floods, droughts, and food shortages

6.What did the invading Mongols eventually do? Settle down and adopt the Chinese culture

7.What is Confucianism? a belief system based on the ideas of Confucius

8.What principles were emphasized in Confuciabism?
Use right relationships to produce social order
Respect family and older generations
Educate individuals and society
Act in morally correct ways
9.How did Confucianism influence Chinese life? Education helped produce an efficient well trained government - society benefited from the ideas of respect that were taught

10.When did Confucianism begin to lose its influence? When the Han Dynasty lost power

11.Where did Buddhism begin? India

12.What is Buddhism based on? The teachings of Siddhartha Gautama

13.What was Siddhartha Gautama known as? Budda or the Enlightened One

14.What were the principles of Buddhism?
Suffering is a part of life
The reasons people suffer is because they are too attached to Material possessions and selfish ideas
By living wise, moral, and thoughtful way people can eventually Learn to escape suffering

15.Where did Buddhism eventually spread to? Korea and Japan

16.What was Daoism? A believe system that seeks harmony with nature and inner feelings

17.When and where did Daoism begin? China 500s

18.When did a blending of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Daoism take place? During the Song Dynasty

19.What Dynasty reunified China? The Sui Dynasty

20.Who founded the Sui Dynasty? Yang Jian

21.How did Yang Jian take over rule? He killed his Grandson (heir to the throne) and killed 59 royal princes

22.What was Yang Jian later known as? Wendi
23.How did Wendi reunify China? Restored old political traditions reduced conflict by allowing people to follow their own belief system, began public works projects – rebuild parts of Great Wall of China and Grand Canal

24.Why did the Sui Dynasty fall? People were tired of the high taxes and revolted

25. What Dynasty followed the Sui Dynasty? The Tang Dynasty

26.How long did it last for? Almost 300 years

27.What were the accomplishments of the Tang Dynasty? Expanded borders on all sides, built more roads and canals, followed the Confucian ideas of how government should run, did not raise taxes too high, and gave land to the poor

28.How did Taizong come into power? Killed two brothers and 10 of his brother’s sons

29.Who was Wu Zhoa? Only woman to occupy the throne , did not leave power until she was 80 years old – re-conquered Korea

30.What emperor is credited with bringing art and literature? Xuanzong

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