How Developing Professional Knowledge and Abilities Impact Career Success

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  • Published : September 5, 2011
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Professional Knowledge and Abilities
How developing professional knowledge and abilities impact career success Elaine Alexander
Instructor: Julie Dwyer

Professional Knowledge and Abilities

Within a career, a person must improve and advance in professional knowledge and abilities to obtain a successful profession. Supplemental knowledge and abilities are acquired through independent organizations apart from the company a person works for andthrough extended education. The individual must understand that a thriving career is a perpetual result from comprehensive development and expansion of their knowledge and abilities.On another note, I may add that vast experience will also help one become more and more successful throughout their career. I always stood by this saying, “practice makes perfect.” When I say perfect, its meaning denotes maturity. Anyone can master at any profession with concentrated preparation. Even though, a college degree, proficient accreditation, or a professional certification within a specific area of study is unquestionably the primary step to undertake towards career success and job placement. Your earned credentials are the stepping stone or rather a foundation to build upon. Furthermore, it is just as significant to enhance your acquired knowledge by participating and partaking in widely-familiar organizations or associations that stimulate the advancement of professional knowledge, skills, and abilities in their field. Various organizations and associations could contribute to the development of additional aptitudes and abilities that will aid one to evolve to high-quality opportunities and achievements in their career. With this in mind, I would like to identify a professional association that will assist me in rising and advancement in my career attainments. I selected “Association of American Educators (AAE),” as an alternative source to heighten my profession. My pursuit in education and profession...
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