How Corruption Can Be Minimized in the World Ethically

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Sociology Pages: 3 (743 words) Published: October 4, 2011
Corruption is referred to as the immoral and dishonest treatment towards people especially the ones of low class. This involves being dishonest and perversion of integrity. Corruption can appear in many forms, and it actually hinders the development of a country, and people of low class suffer the most. In this essay I’m going to talk of possible solutions which we can use to minimize corruption.

One of the simplest and most effective to counter all odds related to corruption and all its negative social and economic consequences is to stick to the principle of professional ethics. Professional ethics simply means to uphold the human moral value of dedication, honesty, transparency, respect of diverse values and personal ideas for the sake of achieving the mission and vision of your respective work place or organization unit, to the benefit of the society as whole. With professional ethics in our society corruption can be minimized easily, as we say it is to uphold the human moral value of transparency, meaning movements in the public services of the society must be transparent, nothing should be hidden from the society. Leaders and everyone must be honest. Respect of personal ideas should also be done, because we will not move forward if we live in the world whereby “poor man’s words are not heard when he is among the riches”

The question is, since Professional ethics is one of the major tool to fight corruption, how do we get it in our society? Learners and students in schools and institutions must be taught about Professional ethics, because lack of ethics is a moral issue, having serious socio-economic implications, including corruption. As we say today’s teenagers are our future leaders, when they grow up they will be able to live in a peaceful society where they are being honest, transparent, respecting diverse values and personal ideas. By this way, if learners are being taught about professional ethics, corruption will be minimized. Simply,...
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