How Computer Have Changed Our Lives

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  • Published: December 1, 2010
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"Information Technology Majors in High Demand Overseas: How Computer Technology Have Changed Our Lives?"


The 21st century is the age of computer technology and it has brought about a fundamental change in every facet of our life. It has largely influenced the way we communicate and the way information exchange is facilitated in today's world. An emergent phenomenon that is a byproduct of advances in computer networking technology is the Internet. It has truly transformed the world into a global village, with every part of the world linked to its vast network. This happened out of the evolution of the field of information technology (IT), which harnesses the power provided by computer technology so, why is it Information Technology is in demand not only in our country and how does it affects our lives?

1.1. Background of Information Technology:

In the era of 1960s and 1970s, information technology was limited to people working in the banking sector, mathematical engineers and computer scientists. In 1980s, the arrival of personal computers made it possible to be used in many more sectors and gave rise to a surge in the field of information technology. Previously, for the purpose of business, storage tapes were created by a single network administrator to interconnect employee workstations. The information stored in this workstation was placed in a server farm, located far off from the industry. However, now people have started communicating, using e-mails instead of snail-mails. It is an industry which deals with the usage of computer hardware and software and networking. Information technology has accomplished a lot in the 21st century. IT is a combination of computer and communication technology and a transfer of information from one peer to another.

The backstory of information technology precedes the invention of the computer. The abacus, used by Asians, Egyptians, Romans, and the Greek can be termed a source of information...
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