How Companies Present Quality of Their Products and Services to the Public

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Wendy’s or Vapiano?


A quality is an attribute or a property. Subjectively, something might be good because it is useful, because it is beautiful, or simply because it exists. Determining or finding qualities therefore involves understanding what is useful, what is beautiful and what exists. Commonly, quality can mean degree of excellence, as in, "a quality product" or "work of average quality". The quality of a product or service refers to the perception of the degree to which the product or service meets the customer's expectations. The quality management and quality control should be performed in all the levels. The scheme bellow demonstrates how the quality management functions in the Fast-food restaurants:

In my initial research I would like to investigate two companies from the same business sector which is Entertainment and the industry is Restaurants. My choice fell on fast food Wendy’s from Wendy's/Arby's Group (USA/Canada) and Vapiano International LLC (worldwide).In order to describe my personal attitude and expectations from those restaurants I have chosen definite locations where I had a possibility to be a customer. For Wendy’s it is Branson MO, USA. Location of Vapiano is in Wien, Austria. Further in a paper I will present the basic information about the companies in common, about how they want be seen by customer, their values and quality approach. I will put myself in position of a quality expert and will judge the restaurants from a customer view accenting on following points: 1.Satisfaction of customer needs

2.Excellence of service
3.Worth of price
4.Reliability of the company

1. What are my expectations from the restaurants?
Let’s rephrase the regular quality points of customer view of satisfaction on a simple expectation from regular restaurant. What do I want there to be if I will go in? 1.Food and drinks
The menu. What’s in it? Is it healthy? Does it taste good? The size of the portion. Will I go home hungry and angry or full and happy? 2.Perfect service
Are the personnel fast?
Are they cute/polite/friendly?
Do they speak my language?
Can I enjoy the atmosphere of the place? Are the seats are comfortable enough? Do I like the music? • Are the bathrooms clean? Is there a toilet paper or soup? • Do they have Wi-Fi?

3.Reasonable price
How much does the food cost? Is it really worth it?
Do they have discounts for the regular guests? Do they provide the gift cards, vouchers or special promotions? 4.Reliability
How old is the company?
Would I allow my kids to buy food there?
Can I be sure I won’t get a stomach ache after having my meal there 5.Prestige
Who’s sitting at the next table?
What if my boss/friends/girlfriend sees me sitting here? • What would they think of me?
Let’s analyze “Wendy’s” and “Vapiano” in line with the structure given above 2. Wendy’s valuation Who are they?
Wendy's is one of the largest quick-service restaurant chains that is part of the Wendy's/Arby's Group, Inc., the USA’s third largest quick-service restaurant company, with annual sales of more than $12 billion and over 10,000 restaurants worldwide. Of the more than 6,600 Wendy's locations worldwide, approximately 25% are company-owned and 75% are franchised. What does Wendy’s believe in?

1. People: At Wendy's people always come first. That includes their customers – and a valued team. It's a legacy they want live every day. 2. Quality: Their founder, Dave Thomas, instilled the belief that "Quality is our Recipe®." We never cut corners and we always deliver on our promise. 3. Action: We work hard, with honesty, integrity and a true sense of respect for one another. And we take time to give something back to the communities we serve. Slogans:

“Quality is our recipe”, “Treat everyone...
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