How Can I Help My Friends Realize Their Value

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How I Can Help My Friends Realize Their Value

Do you have a friend that thinks they will not amount to anything in life? A lot of people would say that their best friend doesn’t have that problem, but they may not even know. To know you must get to know your friend a lot better. If your friend does have this problem then you need to do your best to help your friend. You need to support them and show that you are there for them and want to help them no matter what. You need to find out if they feel that way about themselves. Ask them how you can help and what they need you to do. If they reject your help keep trying to help them anyways. You have to show them that you won’t take no for an answer. Be persistent and don’t let up keep trying to help and make them accept your help.

Many people believe that they aren’t going to amount to anything in life. Most of the people who think that way just give up on themselves and don’t try anymore. My friend had this problem. I never knew he felt that way until he started acting different. He was being a mean person and kept smarting off to everybody. He didn’t seem to care about anything or anyone. I kept asking him what was wrong but he wouldn’t answer me. Even though he kept ignoring me I didn’t give up and kept doing my best to help him. Unfortunately that took much longer than I expected it would. He was as stubborn as a mule. I swear he thought nothing was wrong at all. Although he would not respond to my questions no matter what, I said I would not give up on him because he was my best friend and I want to help him.

After a few days of non-stop nagging and not leaving him alone he finally gave in and told me the whole story. He told me he was thinking about committing suicide because his parents did not pay any attention to him even if he did something good or bad. They made him do all the house work. No matter how much he did it was never enough for them. Nothing he did was ever good enough. They even told him...
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