Definition of a True Friend

Topics: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship, Virtue Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Definition of a True Friend
The word friend has many different definitions. Some people see a “friend” as someone they can count on for anything. One may also describe the word friend as someone who is there when he or she needs something. The word friend has numerous definitions and can be described and shown in many different ways. With their being so many different definitions of the word friend, only one who has had a “friend” can explain his or her meaning of the word. A “friend” that will always be there no matter how hard things may get, would be considered a “true friend.” Some people have friends that stay around for a while but then leave when times get rough. A “true friend” is always by one’s side and willing to be there and give advice under any condition. A “true friend” will always be loyal and would never put one down or try to be dominant. “True friends” will always be there in good times and in bad. They'll try to make one laugh whenever feeling sad and depressed. One may make a poor decision and need a “friend” to turn too; that is when a “true friend” does not judge, but hears out the problem and tries to find the proper situation. Having a “friend” that will support ones decision, even if it isn’t the best choice in his or hers mind, is very important to any friendship. Having a “friend” sometimes isn’t always so simple. There are times were people may think they have a “true friend,” but in reality they don’t. Someone who wants a people to change because he or she is ashamed of who they are isn’t a “true friend.” Someone who talks behind one’s back, and who acts differently towards their “friend” when with other people, isn’t considered a true friend either. Another example of someone who maybe a “friend” but no a “true friend” is someone who hurts one’s feelings and doesn't care how he or she feels afterword’s. These are the kind of “friends” what will never there for someone when in desperate times of need. Sometimes friendships don’t...
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