How Can Teenage Pregnancy Be Prevented

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How can teenage pregnancy be prevented?
This is when a person decides not to have sex until they are married. Some think this is old-fashioned, others think it is morally the best thing to do. Don’t worry what other’s think - what do you think?

Delaying Sex
Many people feel that they don’t want to wait until marriage before having sex. At the same time they don’t want to rush into it and make costly mistakes. So they decide to delay having sex until they are older, more responsible, in a stable relationship with one partner, have a job, or have become independent of their parents.

Does this sound reasonable to you?
If you choose either abstinence or delaying sex, there are some further steps that will help to protect you:

* Choose you friends carefully. Friends should want what is best for you, and they should respect your decision not to have sex. Beware of friends who try and pressure you into having sex. * Beware of situations, like a group of friends drinking or taking drugs that could lead to unsafe sex. * Beware of partners who claim ‘You must sleep with me to prove you love me.’ * Listen and learn from those who have gone through teenage pregnancy. They know the mistakes and disadvantages, and can help you to avoid making the same mistakes. * Listen and learn from your parents about their life experiences. If they put restrictions on you, it is not necessarily because they want to make you suffer. Usually, it is because they want the best for you, so they do it to help and protect you. If you decide that abstinence and delay sex are not the best decisions for you, and you’d rather not wait before having sex, then you should take time and effort to learn about the best means of protection:


Contraception simply means using a method (mechanical or chemical) to prevent pregnancy. There are various contraceptives that work in different ways, but they are all designed to prevent pregnancy....
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