How Boys Become Men

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How Boys Become Men

The article “How Boys Become Men” written by Jon Katz, gives a positive statement on how boys still haven’t change and are still growing up the same. Jon Katz, shares with us while walking his dog one day, he saw a boy get beaten by a group of older boys. While walking towards him, Katz asked if he was okay; the boy said yes and begun to swing like nothing happened. I believe that what Jon Katz states is true, because the fact is; boys are always going to think they’re the Alpha Male in every situation. For example: who can climb the highest Rock, who can make a bigger splash in the pool or who can maybe get a girlfriend first.

From experience when hanging out with my brother and his guy friends, they always end up trying to compete against each other. In my opinion I think it’s funny the things they make each other do. One day we were all going as a family to hike at Great Falls, and my brother decided to bring his three closes guy friends, Mark, Anthony and Oscar. As we all began to hike the path, before you knew it the boys were all ready starting to race to the top. There was another time my friend Kevin and I, went to swim in Lake Anna and he challenged me to jump from the highest rock into the water. As I finished jumping, I saw him already preparing to jump in as well. When he got out of the water, I saw that his foot had minor cuts and asked him if he was okay. He brushed off what I said, and said, “let’s go again!” Lastly, boys always tend to be strong and not let others know they’re hurting. This is what happened to my older brother as fell off his bike and hurt his knee, when he was ten years old.

Another example were boys decide to be the “Alpha Males”, could be at the pool with their friends. Last summer my friend Ashley and her boyfriend decided to meet my friend Alex and I at the pool. Ashley’s boyfriend John, and my close friend Alex hit it of from the start. I saw that John did something that Alex, in my opinion...
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