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Topics: Woman, Short story, Man Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: October 31, 2011
Analysis of "How Boys Become Men"
Jon Katz explains why men grow up to be insensitive in his essay “How Boys Become Men.” This thesis is demonstrated both with a specific set of values for boys, as well as in two personal recollections. Katz draws attention to the fact that boys are expected to learn ways to handle things alone and to hide any weaknesses, and especially tears. The main strategy used in this essay is narration. The essay tells more than one story supporting the idea that boys are taught to be tough and aren't allowed to show emotion. Illustration is also used to get the point across. Katz gives many examples of young boys following the special rules that have been set aside for them. The main point is reached using cause and effect. Little boys are taught and treated differently from little girls. Boys hear messages about being strong even before they understand what that means. This is quite possibly the main reason men are insensitive or don't quite know how to show their feelings. Jon Katz is very straight forward with his information. I do not feel as though it is an essay of opinion, but more of fact. Even if there is no research or statistic to back up the facts, Katz uses personal experience as his support. I believe that any one of us could ask ourselves, or boyfriend, or perhaps father, and we would have at least one story that also supports this idea. Have you ever had a man tell you "That hurt my feelings"? But that statement is one that women use freely. It is no secret that women and men are completely different when it comes to communicating our feelings. Katz starts his essay with a story. From the beginning he tells of experiences in his own life that support the idea that a boy's experiences while growing up prepares him for adulthood. Later he gives us the specific code of conduct for boys, which clearly is very different from the way girls are expected to behave. He ends by noting that there...
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