How Asean Influence to Our Communoty

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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was founded on Aug. 8, 1967 with the signing of the Bangkok Declaration by Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand, the five founding nations. In 1984, Brunei joined the Association. ASEAN, with its wide diversity of economic interests and levels of development, has evolved slowly into a cohesive regional organization that operates on an informal, consensus-building basis. So we have to know and get ready.

First of all, although everyone seems to recite “Thai people’s English is not good enough”, the discussion stops short of explaining what not good enough means and for what. Most academics speak to suggest that the notion of ‘native-speaker’ is dead in that non-native speakers should be proud of their ‘non-standard variety of English’ (whatever that maybe). However, papers at the conference and discussions I’m Thai people so I know about how a Thai accent has to be eliminated or how Thai grammar interferes with standard English grammar, or that Thai people should stop being shy, etc. All of these discourses are evidence for the fact that the native speaker/Western ideal is well and truly alive. This schizophrenic-like approach to assessment of what’s good English is the hidden mechanism that keeps Thai non-native speakers of English forever insecure about their English, and that keeps Western native speaker teachers popular in the job market. About education is important at every level: primary, secondary and at Thailand's growing universities. Access to primary and secondary education has increased significantly and net enrolment rates for primary school children are up to very much. This will give business a foundation of literacy and numeracy on which to build, creating jobs and a talent pipeline for the region. The globalised economy increasingly demands linguistic skills as well as an ability to think critically and solve problems. In Thailand the government is supporting the...
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