How Are Child Runaways Portrayed in Media?

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  • Published : January 23, 2013
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Runaway Source Work: How Are Child Runaways Portrayed In Media?

A Runaway is a person who leaves a place, usually from their family or institution. Runaways is a comic book series by marvel comics. In Runaways, running away is portrayed as an exciting adventure with children as the protagonists. A woman called Sue Scheff specializes in children’s behaviour has a blog, and in her blog is a post about dealing with your runaway child; the post portrays running away as dangerous and that it must be dealt with quickly. The main difference in which Runaways portrays running away and Scheff’s blog post is that Runaways is portrayed in a very fantastical manner, with magic and fantasy beasts. Running away is not portrayed as immoral. Whereas Sue Scheff’s blog doesn’t imply this. The two sources are complete contrasts with each other. In Sue Scheff’s blog post she says, “Teenagers will often stick together and lie for each other.” this suggests that the child is to blame for running away and were not influenced by adults. In contrast, part of the story of Marvel’s Runaways, “they witnessed their parents, part of a cabal known as the Pride, murdering a young girl during a secret sacrificial ritual.” This shows that the parents are the evil ones in runaways and that it is not the child’s fault. Runaways is also obviously fiction. You can tell by the people the kids meet, “the group met Captain America”. Also they go to the Xavier institute. These are links to Marvel’s other superheroes. The kids also have their own magic and, “…inherited powers”. Whereas Sue Scheff’s blog post is completely factual and uses an order based to do list which tells parents what to do. The two sources are aimed at completely different audiences. Runaways is aimed at children and young adults; Sue Scheff’s blog is aimed at parents. You can easily tell that Runaways is aimed at young people because of the classic scenario of children versus adults of which the story is based around. Also the...
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