Each Year, Many Teenagers Run Away from Home. Why Do You Think Are Their Chief Causes?

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  • Published: July 18, 2011
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Each year, many teenagers run away from home.
Why do you think are their chief causes?
There are many teenagers who run away from their home. Recently the problem of teenagers running away from home is getting more and more serious. This happens in big cities and small towns, and our country is no exception. Each year, many teenagers run away from their families. But it all depends on the person. The main reasons of teenagers’ running away are in surrounding community. The closest people in the world are our family. But if there are some problems in family, then person, especially teenager, who is formed own current psyche, escape from the hopelessness. Nowadays it is very difficult to live with the society around us. Many people try to find a benefit only for themselves, trying to deceive someone in order to satisfy their needs. They deceive each other without thinking that makes a pain and mental injury. There are several reasons why teenagers run away from home, normally these reasons are related to conditions in the families, bad influence of their friends and financial problem. The first cause of running away is conditions in the family. One of the reasons is because they come from broken homes where their parents are divorced. They do not get enough love and care from their parents. As a result, they will go and find love and care elsewhere. Some parents have the habit of quarrelling in front of their children. The children feel ashamed of their parents and cannot stand this kind of environment. In the end they run away from home. Some parents are too strict with their children. They always punished, scold and lecture their children. They also put too much pressure on their children especially in their studies. Actually they should encourage and guide them more instead of putting unrealistic goals on their lives. Most teenagers do not like to be restricted and treated like children. They want to have their own freedom. They like to be creative and learn things for themselves. To overcome the problem, parents should learn how to care and love their children. They need to be sensitive and careful not to do certain things in front of the children. For example, if they have conflicts among themselves, they need to settle it on their own first instead of arguing or quarrelling in front of their children. In many families children are afraid of talking to their parents and asking them for what they want. For this reason the misunderstandings between them grow bigger and bigger. This often ends in a big quarrel. The second reason that leads to run away teenagers from their home is bad influence of their friends. They find their own way of escape by running away from home. They tend to spend their time with their friends than staying at home. That is the beginning of the problem. If they mix with the wrong group of friends, they will get involve with all kinds of wrong activities. For example, under the influence of bad friends, teenagers who escape from home may fall under alcohol dependence. Teenagers abuse alcohol. They seem to be getting a hold of alcohol at a younger and younger age. Since alcohol is used to celebrate and have fun, teens that abuse alcohol most likely has no idea of the affect alcohol and its abuse can have on their bodies. If they find bad friends that influence of them, they begin to offer drinking and in the end teens used to drink and become an alcoholics. Then finish their life in the street. Also teens may become drug addict, which in turn lead to depression and suicide. The most common reason why teenagers use drug is to relieve stress. Many of them have to suffer stress from family condition. One of the explanations is that drugs users have a poor family life. The majority of drug users have had an unhappy childhood which includes cruel punishment and parental neglect. Many teenagers become a fraudster and a thief when the run away from home. Thus the...
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