How an Organisation Communicates - Greenpeace

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How an organisation communicates – Greenpeace

Greenpeace is an ecological and pacifist international organisation, economically and politically independent, that does not accept donations or pressure from governments, corporations or political parties. Greenpeace “defend(s) the natural world and promote(s) peace” (Greenpeace, 2008). The funding for its campaigns depends entirely on voluntary contributions from members and sympathizers. Because Greenpeace is an NGO, it cannot invest large amounts of money in its communication activities because it would be accused of using the money from donations of members and supporters for marketing, advertising and public relations activities; rather than for pacifist purposes and to fight for the environment. However, it does communicate itself and although it could improve, it seems to do it quite well because it is a world wide known organisation.

Greenpeace communicates to its stakeholders – employees, customers, the public, authorities, etc – mainly through its website. The UK Greenpeace website can be accessed at ( The website has a clear and easy-to-follow layout and it not only has all the information about the organisation available, but it also contains press releases, videos, reports, what the media has been saying about them, and slideshows, amongst others. On its international website ( there is access to photographs, audio files and even the Greenpeace TV, only accessible through the web.

As it can be seen, Greenpeace is a web-based organisation in terms of its communication activities. It therefore has a special way of communicating, given it limits its communications to the internet, rather than, as other organisations, television, radio, magazines, and other forms of mass media communication. However, this does not mean Greenpeace does not follow some of the conventional communication theories. The hypodermic needle theory, also...
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