House Bunny Movie Review

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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House Bunny
In the film House Bunny, a 27-year-old girl, Shelley Darlingson, played by Anna Farris, finds herself tricked out of the Playboy Mansion by another bunny for being too old. Shelley winds up at the University of Southern California and becomes the house mother in a very poorly kept sorority house, Zeta Tau Alpha, consisting of six socially awkward girls. After gaining the girls’ trust by showing them she is nice and can attract boys, she does her best to turn the ZTA girls around to be popular beautiful young ladies who are ‘better’ than the other sorority girls. However, the changing of personalities goes too far and the girls realize they’ve changed for the wrong reasons and begin to judge everyone. During the time Shelley is being blamed, she receives a call about how ‘being too old’ was a lie to get rid of her. When expecting Shelley to immediately drop everything and return to the Mansion, she decides to stay the hose mother of the Zetas. Using this movie I plan on analyzing the movie through different scenes of the typical activities of the sorority girls on campus and comparing them to how college life is today and what could be done differently.

Throughout House Bunny, a constant rival goes on between Phi Iota Mu and Zeta Tau Alpha. When Zeta, a now popular sorority, throws a mixer party the same night as popular PIM, all of the girls going through rush and all of the fraternity boys enjoy their evening at Zeta instead of PIM. Girls are initiated at the party through ‘sacrificial rights’ because they still have their virginity, music is played for everyone to dance to, and everyone enjoys their nights. These girls are focused on looking good now and being popular. Girls are very similar but a little different today. In today’s society in the typical college experience, girls are not initiated in this way and girls do not throw the parties. The girls, instead of throwing their own parties, get all dressed up and head out to other...
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