Goonies Movie Review

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Goonies Movie Review
The Goonies is set in a neighborhood right off the coast of the ocean,called the goondocks. Their neighborhood is in trouble because of a rich person wanting to buy off all the houses in the area for some country club. On their last days their spirit is lowered because of Mikey's older brother, he was mad because he failed his driving exam again. The goonies decide to go through things in the attic when the find a old news paper with some bad people. Then one of the boys finds a old treasure map inside of a old picture frame. Then Chuck takes a brick put the picture on ground and smashes it with the brick. Hearing the shattering glass the other goonies come over to what the fuss is about. The Mikey get all excited about this treasure map. Mikey tries to persuade his friends to join him in the search for a pirate ship hoarded by a pirate named One-Eyed Willie. The only way he could get every body to go with him on the search for this ship is to say this could be the goonies way of stoping the foreclosure on the house, by finding the treasure the last “Goonie adventure”. The go down the coast and find the area that the doubloon described. The coordinates lead to a abandoned restaurant or so they think. Unaware that the Fratellis a family of fugitives is using that place as a hideout. After sneaking around they are found by the fugitives. The boys ask for some water and she brings out some brown water. One of them ask to go to the bathroom, she tells him to go down the stairs and to the left, but he see one of her son with some food and sees him go into a room with the sound of a TV. He peeks in and sees a person with a deformed face. The boys leave but stay hidden and what for the fugitives to leave. Mikey's older brother finds them and has two girls with him. They go back in and find a path into some caves but the fugitives come back and Chunk is tolled by the other goonies to go get the police. They capture Chunk before he could get to...
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