Hospitality Supervision

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Supervision is very essential factor in the hospitality industry. The effectiveness of any organisation depends on its workforce. Supervision is important as a means of promoting managerial accountability. It also offers staff and their managers the opportunity to identify problems, acknowledge achievements, plan action together and improve motivation for improved individual and project performance. A supervisor’s work starts long before they get to the location. The key ground work the supervisor does is to evaluate and organise the type and quantity of staff you are going to require to bring off your function successfully. A supervisor’s work is greatly enabled by talking with the host or hostess. Supervision should be a positive experience for all and should take place regularly.  If managers are not supervising their staff they are omitting a key function of management. It is the interactive process in which the organization’s goals and values are communicated and interpreted to workers and they in turn, are guided and supported to help reach those goals. By helping service providers understand their responsibilities, improve their performance and organizing the resources to assist them, supportive supervision helps staff to become more effective. In the process, satisfaction and commitment to the organization and its mission are built. What is more? Supervision is key to successful and dynamic community based programs, enhancing an organization’s ability to; reach its mission and objectives; sustain it’s programs; keep staff trained; interested and motivated; involve the community; monitor supplies and maintain quality and costs. Ideally, supervision should be provided at all levels of the organization. When effective, supervision helps an organization strengthen its overall results, improve the quality of the program and, most important, meet the needs of its customers. The supervisor must possess organizational, interpersonal and professional skills. A supervisor has to assist workers is being used to represent all community based workers use resource for training, supplies and referrals; focus on the needs of the guest; interpret data for prioritizing guests; identify constraints and resolve the problems. The most significant barrier to effective supervision is the lack of understanding of whom, how and when to supervise. For a supervisor to be effective, he/she must be more knowledgeable than those supervised and have skill in helping others. There are a number of supervisory problems that typically plague organizations. Most supervisors have no training in the art of supervision. Promotions to supervisor are more often made on the basis of seniority or good work habits. An organization rarely performs an analysis of the requisite knowledge and skills required by supervisors to assist their staff. Supervisors do not receive the support or structure they require. And also they are asked to supervise too many people, situated too far apart, and are given too little time or resources.

From my point of view supervisor must be a good communicators, trainer, and coacher. Supervisors should use appropriate leadership for appropriate situation. Supervisors need to speak clearly and simply. Also supervisor should direct the employees in correct way. Supervisors should have good relationship with their employees.

The Purpose of This Assignment
The purpose of this assignment is to enable myself to demonstrate the ability to and understanding of: * Investigate and apply effective written, spoken and listening communication skills * Demonstrate and apply...
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