Hospitality Industry Leader

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  • Published: February 2, 2013
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Running Head: Hospitality Industry Leader

Hospitality Industry Leader
Richard B Hope
Nassau Community College

The Hotel General Manager is someone who works in a hotel. He or she works as a head of the department to coordinate and monitor the progress of business strategies in a large hotel. In medium hotels, the General Manager is responsible for day to day running of the hotel, including carrying out reception duties. A Hotel General Manager is also the person who handles the everyday function and management of the hotel. He or she is responsible for the day-to-day management of a hotel and its staff and has commercial accountability for planning, organizing and directing all hotel services, including reception, concierge, reservations, food and beverage operations and housekeeping. Because of the responsibility of managing all processes altogether and the stress and tension Hotel General Managers have to go through, they need to have the best qualities and capabilities that are essentially required for running the hotel in a smooth manner.

Requirements to Become a Hotel General Manager:
The basic requirements to become a Hotel General Manager are extremely rigorous. You would first of all, need a lot of managerial experience in a variety of corporate sectors. Then, secondly, you would require good leadership and management skills, which are essentials needed for carrying out this job efficiently. Effective business communication would also be needed for communicating the necessities throughout the hotel. Decision-making and problem-solving skills are a must for turning the hotel hardships into benefits, which ultimately would lead to smooth running of the organization.

Main Content:
1. Why did you join hotel sector?
Well let me first of all say that I enjoy helping people feel at home and comfortable. I do like seeing the same guests over and over because they begin to feel like family. On...
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