Hotel Industry

Topics: Hotel, Social responsibility, Strategic management Pages: 2 (366 words) Published: May 12, 2013
1.0 Introduction and Scenario

Banyan tree hotel group was established in1994 with one single resort in Phuket, and in recent years , it has own more than 20 resorts and hotels, 60 spas, 70 retail galleries and 3 golf courses(Banyan tree hotel group, 2012).As the leading of international boutique hotels, Banyan tree hotel group are providing the unique service combined with green conscience . In the next five years, Banyan tree hotel is panning to extend their business into Middle East , Central America , Europe , Africa and main cities in China.The aim of this report is support reasonable strategic growth option to CEO based on three scenario ( corporate social responsibility , non- organic growth strategy and potential partners ).Following, this report is going to undertake the analysis of the situation of company from internal and external, including SWOT model and evaluate the options using non-organic strategy .

1.1 Definition of three Scenario
The first scenario is referring to the corporate social responsibility , corporate takes responsibility for the self regulating action in accordance with laws ,ethical standards and international norms and produces positive effects on environment ,consumer ,employees, communities and stakeholders .Secondly, Non-organic growth is rate of growth business, corporate need enhancement business through mergers , acquisition and takeover. The last scenario is related to three potential partners (IMG, Village Road show and GPT).

2.0 Analysision of situation
Assessing the situation of Banyan tree hotel group from internal and external environment by way of SWOT model( see table 1.0). Kay’s distinctive capability model and resources-based is recognised as practical approach to undertake analysision of internal situation. Kay‘s distinctive capability model are capable to distinguish the strength of hotel from other competitors through relationship within the respects of architecture, reputation, strategic assets...
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