Hospital Merger

Topics: Strategic management, Patient, Hospital Pages: 4 (1324 words) Published: May 21, 2013
At the level of organizational structure, control, culture, and technology has given strategic managers many new options in implementing their strategies. Technology is instrumental in both shaping and integrating resources and capabilities. Moreover, Suffolk hospital staffing capabilities can be difficult to imitate since they are in organization specific capabilities that develop inside the hospital over time. However, competitive strategy and ability to purse a low cost and differentiation approach depends on Suffolk hospitals ability to increase efficiency, quality, innovation and patient responsiveness, and technology has a major impact on these sources of competitive advantage. Suffolk hospitals would be capable of engaging in strategic patient focus because they believe they can better execute their business model by doing so and thus increase their profitability. The process of strategic patient focus typically begins with Suffolk hospitals identifying the value creation activities that form the basis of its competitive advantage. The idea is to keep performing these activities within the company. A major impact of patient focus on strategy implementation has its effects on a company’s ability to pursue strategic team patient focus to strengthen its business model. The use of strategic team patient focus is increasing rapidly as organizations recognize the many opportunities it offers to promote differentiation, reduce costs, and increase their flexibility. This allows Suffolk hospitals to focus on those competencies that are at the heart of its competitive advantage and economize on bureaucratic costs. The trend toward strategic team patient focus is being driven by realization that patient focus can lower the cost structure of a company and help it to differentiate its product offerings in the marketplace better, thereby strengthening its business model and boosting its profitability. For Suffolk hospital’s maintaining patient loyalty, the patient...
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