Hospice Swot Analysis

Topics: Mass media, Management, SWOT analysis Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Income Generation SWOT analysis Oct 16th 2012
* Strong new brand/visual identity
* Emotive cause with motivating stories
* The hospice’s work is tangible
* Local cause and money kept within S Devon
* Loyal supporter base
* Excellent care provided
* Good awareness in Torbay
* Personalised approach to donors

* Untapped potential outside Torbay
* Digital marketing and social media to engage with new audiences * Corporate fundraising inc a payroll giving campaign
* Regular giving
* Cross-promotion and joined up projects between shops, lottery and database * Major donor cultivation
* In memoriam fundraising
* Lottery promo campaign/product
* Volunteer led fundraising groups to organise events
* Volunteer ambassadors to help with limited resources i.e. collection tins * More potential donors as Rowcroft’s services expand
* More direct approach i.e. telephone and face to face canvassing

* Lack of planning in income generation
* Lack of X team working (shops, lottery and fundraising) and missed opportunities due to this and separate databases * Only partial donor history stored on any one database
* Difficult to engage people who haven’t experienced our care * Clinical/income generation divide and lack of understanding about fundraising * Three databases
* Low awareness outside Torbay
* Relatively small pool of donors could lead to overmailing * Perceived high costs of service inc rebrand costs

* Dependency on legacies and the future risks to this income * NHS reform
* Few traditional media outlets i.e newspapers and radio * Changes in fundraising trends i.e. decline in committees/old style groups * Current local economy and levels of deprivation in S Devon * Competition from national/local charities

* High no’s of second homers

What we need to achieve our...
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