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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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13. Assessment of References (4)
a) how many disciplines did they use for their literature search (are they appropriate)? 5 i. Nursing – This is appropriate because it looks into nursing at different angles from international, administrative, bedside, and nursing research related to migration and nurse practice environment. ii. Medicine- Social Science Medicine, Medical Care, New England Journal of Medicine – This is appropriate because it entails research from a medical standpoint in relation to nursing care and hospital associations. iii. Health Affairs (Policies) – This is appropriate because it gives insight on policies, politics, and nurse practice which are related to nurse turnover intention. iv. Survey Research – This is appropriate because it helps the researchers understand the best way of how to conduct reliable and successful surveys. v. Financial- This is appropriate because it gives nurse labor, education, and financial market information related to migration for the Caribbean region which is relevant since the researchers are analyzing TI rates in Caribbean countries. b) Are the references current (within 10 years from publication)? If not, are they appropriate as a theory, landmark/classic study, or a way to conduct research? vi. Date of publication – Journal of Nursing Scholarship,2012 vii. What 10 years back is – 2002

viii. How many references are outside of 10 year publication – 4 Aiken, L. H., Clarke, S. P., Sloane, D. M., Sochalski, J. A., Busse, R., Clarke, H., . . . Shamian, J. (2001). Nurses’

reports on hospital care in five countries. Health Affairs,
20(3), 43–53. – This is appropriate because it describes the nurse’s account of hospital care and work environment that in the long run will affect the turnover rate, which is...
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