Horse Breeds

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Breeds, Types and Classes of Horses
1. Selective Breeding: choosing a group of selected animals (based on specific qualities) and mating them together 2. Breed:
a. The end product throughout the time of generations formulated from selective breeding b. A group of horses with common ancestry that breed true (offspring will almost always posses the characteristics of parents) such as function, conformation, and color. 3. Breed Registries: start with foundation sires that all offspring of that breed can be traced back to. Breed registries depend on the characteristics listed above and foundation parentage verification (DNA testing) to establish standards of fair exchange of horses between buyers and sellers. a. Wimpy P-1 is the holder of the 1st permanent registration number with the American Quarter Horse Association. b. Justin Morgan is the foundation sire of the Morgan Horse Breed. 1. Color Registries: require only color for registration, however, some color registries also require conformational qualities to belong to their registry. The Palomino Horse Association of California was the 1st color breed registration. a. Other Color Breeds:

i. Appaloosas
ii. Albinos
iii. Paints
iv. Pintos
v. Buckskins
vi. Whites
vii. Crèmes
viii. Spotted
b. Genetics: Color breeds generally do not breed true
i. Example: Cross two Palominos and the result is: 1 Chestnut, 2 Palominos, and 1 Albino. This results because of Incomplete Dominance and the Palomino has a color dilution gene. CATEGORIES OF HORSES

1. Light Horses: 12 to 17.2 hands high (hh) and weigh 900 to 1,400 lbs. a. Used primarily for riding, driving, showing, racing and utility b. Capable of more action and greater speed

2. Draft Horses: 14.2 to 17.2 hh and weigh 1,400 or more lbs. a. Used primarily for heavy work like pulling loads and wagons 1. Ponies: 14.2 hh or less and weigh 500 to 900 lbs.
a. Used for...
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