Topics: Statistical hypothesis testing, Statistical significance, Null hypothesis Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: February 2, 2009
Alpha channel, describing transparency and opacity in computer graphics Angle of attack in aerodynamics
Common-base current gain of a transistor in electronics
The alpha carbon in organic chemistry
The significance level in statistical hypothesis testing
Thermal diffusivity
Coefficient of thermal expansion in thermodynamics
A symbol to denote Direct proportion, in mathematics
In Astronomy (Bayer designation):
The brightest star in a constellation.
The first unit in a sequence.constantly ridiculed by Johnny and Frankie for being spineless. Johnny's father, Sonny Truelove (Bruce Willis), supplies his son with the marijuana from which he makes a fortune selling.

Jake Mazursky (Ben Foster), one of Johnny's friends and part-time distributors, is shown interrupting dinner to ask his father for money to pay a drug debt ($1200). After Jake is denied by his father and stepmother, his 15-year-old half-brother Zach (Anton Yelchin) asks to come along with him, which Jake doesn't allow. Later, at one of his many parties, Johnny meets Jake. When Jake tells Johnny that he has failed to collect a drug debt for him, they fight over the money. The fight culminates in Johnny pulling a pistol on Jake and kicking him out of his house after Mazursky gets the upper hand in the brawl. Jake decides to continue the fight by salting an insurance fraud set up by Johnny and a mutual friend, costing Truelove $30,000. In retaliation, Johnny calls Mazursky's boss, claiming to be Jake's parole officer, and tells the boss that Mazursky has been getting in trouble breaking into houses and using speed. As a result Mazursky loses his job and only other means of income. As an ex-con, Jake's chances of finding another job are slim, and he becomes furious with Johnny. Jake and several armed friends therefore break into and trash Johnny's house and steal his television. Although armed, Johnny does not confront them, but hides until they leave.

Late in the evening Zach visits...
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