Honour Killings

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Honour killing, india’s continuing
Honour killing, india’s continuing

Prof. seema dutta AMAN BANSAL ROLL NO-212017

Every research has an objective in mind when he or she starts his or her research on any topic and in the course of the research process the researcher’s job is to fulfill his or her objective. In my present research endeavors to show why honor killing take place, the concept of honor killing, the communal aspect of honor killing,history of honor killing, and, finally, the increasing trend of honor killing in india Why Honor Killing?

Honor killings are part of a community mentality. Large sections of society share traditional conceptions of family honor and approve of “honor” killings to preserve that honor. Even mothers whose daughters have been killed in the name of honor often condone such violent acts. Convicted killers often speak with defiant pride and without regret about their actions.

The Concept of Honor Killing
Honor Killing is one form of extreme violence perpetrated on women by men in certain societies. Most commonly, it is premeditated killing of a girl or a woman who is perceived to have besmirched her family’s honor by her sexual conduct. It is committed by the accused woman’s male kin in the name of restoring family’s honor. The genesis of honor killing is deeply rooted in history and has been linked by various scholars with ascendant patriarchal structures in human societies. It is not peculiar to particular geographical regions or belief systems. A large number of cases have been reported, whether in past or currently, from Mediterranean, Latin America, and some Muslim societies. Honor killing is considered as ‘most commonly a premeditated murder of woman, committed by her brother, father, or combination of male agnates in the name of restoring the family’s social reputation’. It is in more collectivist’s societies that killings by male relatives of the woman to restore family honor take place. The assumption is that fidelity and marriage are not a matter between husband and wife, but relate to the family, and that a woman’s infidelity, even if unproven reflects on the honor of the entire family. Additionally, in some cases the community council or the khaps (as in India) decides that the women or the couple should be killed and sends out men to accomplish the task. The practice of Honor Killing has been prevalent in a number of societies and not only Islamic societies. It has been argued that cultural and personal systems of honor that depend on the behavior of others are an integral part of the killing of women by the male members of their families. According to the former UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women: “Honor is generally seen as residing in women. Frameworks of ‘honor’, and its corollary ‘shame’, operate to control, direct and regulate women’s sexuality and freedom of movement by male members of the family. Women who fall in love, engage in extramarital relationships, seek a divorce, choose their own husbands are seen to transgress the boundaries of ‘appropriate’ or is socially sanctioned) sexual behavior. ‘Regulation’ of such behavior may in extreme cases involve horrific direct violence including ‘honor’ killing. Women are considered the property of male relatives and are seen to embody the honor of the men to whom they “belong”.. The concepts of male status and family status are of particular importance in cultures where “honor” killings occur and where women are viewed as responsible for upholding a family‟s “honor.” If a woman or girl is accused or suspected of engaging in behavior that could taint male and/or family status, she may face brutal retaliation from her relatives that often results in violent death.

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