Honduras the Best Country Ever

Topics: Honduras, Central America, Caribbean Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Honduras The Best Country Ever

Honduras is located right in the center of Central America. Honduras is big at least, in Central America terms. But it’s not the largest one. Some of the reason to travel to Honduras is the food, places, and prices. These attraction and features make Honduras travel unique.

I really enjoy Honduran cuisine. It’s hard to put a label on or categorize, but a typical breakfast usually includes rice, beans, and tortillas. However, best beloved are the noteworthy twists like anafres(a sizzling hot bean dip), tostones(crunchy fried plantains), and arroz con leche(rice soaked in warm milk with sugar, cinnamon, and other spices), Also known as ¨Honduran rice pudding¨. These are just some of the plates that I can think of.

Honduras is noted for excellent beaches such as The Bay Island, Half Moon Bay, Roatan, Callos Cochinos, etc. these beaches are locates on the Atlantic coast of Honduras . For some reason these bays are unforgettable for travelers because there’s a wide variety of activities to experience (diving, swimming and water sports are my favorites), oh man! It’s really awesome.

For most part, Honduras travel is cheap, really cheap. The most expensive destination is Roatan, but it’s not that much expensive compare to other beaches in the world. I remember when I used to buy a bunch of bananas, a watermelon, some lychees, and mangos for the equivalent of $ 1.50 US.

In conclusion, if you are interested in Central America history, Central American cultures, colonial history, ruins, you should go to Honduras. And you should do the same if your interests run more along the lines of beaches, nice architecture, great nightlife, natural parks of snorkeling. To put it simply, Honduras is one of those countries where anyone, regardless of what they’re interested in, will find something to like.
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