A Description of the City of Barranquilla

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Barranquilla, one of the most beautiful cities in Colombia, is the capital of Atlántico department. It is located in northern Colombia. Barranquilla is the fourth most populous city in Colombia.

People who live in Barranquilla speak with an accent called Coastal Spanish. Because they do not pronounce the letter “s” in their words, I sometimes have difficulty understanding what they say. They also use words that are different than those of other Colombians, which make them difficult to understand.

The people of Barranquilla are nicknamed “the most relaxed people” because they do not like to work hard. Sometimes the city is called “the golden gate” or “sandy” because of the beautiful beaches there. Because they live so close to the beach and the weather is usually so sunny, the people of Barranquilla dress very casually. For example, their wardrobe consists of T-shirts with shorts or a skirt, flip flops, sunglasses, and hats.

The people of Barranquilla come from a variety of cultures, with the most prevalent ones being the Caribbean cultures. These different cultures mean there are lots of delicious foods to taste. Locals usually quench their thirst with raspaos, flavored, shaved ice, like the snow cone, topped with condensed milk. An ice-based dessert, Bolis, is another favorite. It is made by shaving a block of ice. Popsicles, which come in many tropical flavors, are another frozen treat. For something delicious and salty, egg with arepa, a sort of fried bread made of ground corn that is stuffed or topped with cheese and chicken, is very popular and inexpensive.

Barranquilla is also a shopper’s dream come true. Many of the locals like to shop in the country plaza. However, I prefer Buena Vista, a beautiful modern mall that has many stores and restaurants.

After a day shopping or playing at the beach, it is time to experience the nightlife. Among the many dance clubs are Froglegs and La 5ta. Couples like to dance to...
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