Homosexuals Should Be Allowed to Adopt Children

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Raneil Wilson
Monday, March 05, 2012
English Language
Argumentative Writing

Homosexuals should be allowed to adopt children.

Society is changing, and the traditional idea of the nuclear family with married mother and father is no longer the only acceptable alternative. The reason that many countries are beginning to award legal rights to gay couples is because the stability of such relationships is now recognized. There is no reason, therefore, why such couples cannot provide a stable and loving upbringing for children.

Afternoon class, this is my speech on why homosexuals should be allowed to adopt children.

There are many reasons why homosexuals should be allowed to adopt children; here are only two.

Homosexuals are not depraved individuals; being gay is not a mental disorder. As such, they are considered fully functioning members of society. They go to school, go to work, pay taxes, etc. There are no distinct qualifications for becoming a parent; however, most would suggest that a good parent possess the following characteristics: Responsible; Capable; Loving; Trustworthy; etc -- none of which are exclusive to heterosexuals. So, if we can accept that homosexuals are for all intensive purposes equal to heterosexuals in their personalities and behavior (outside of sexual endeavors), then there is no good reason to deny them the right to have or adopt children. It would seem that whom one sleeps with is a personal choice that should have no bearing on their qualification for parenting. As such, it would be wrong to deny gay couples the same parenting rights as other people in society. To do so would be to exhibit blatant homophobia, or the idea that gay people would somehow make inferior parents. The only way to eradicate this absurd ideal would be exposure; people need to see that gay people are just as competent as straight people in being good parents. Moreover, exposure to the homosexual lifestyle would decrease homophobia and other...
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