Topics: Homosexuality, Adoption, Foster care Pages: 4 (1242 words) Published: April 15, 2012
Gay/Lesbian Families
Adoption is an extremely sensitive subject,(insert dash) especially for individuals who are Gay or Lesbian. There is much controversy on the topic. There are a variety of ways to which it isn’t possible for a couple to adopt. Infertility is becoming a greater problem in our time. In Gerald P. Mallon’s article, “Assessing Lesbian and Gay Prospective Foster and Adoptive Families: A Focus on the Home Study Process,” in 2007. He introduces a few different ways gay men and lesbian couples go about starting a family and mentions how the decision to adopt or become a foster parent for a child is a huge step in parenting. There are even more studies today that show, gay men and lesbians make good parents. In Scott Weber’s article, “Nursing Care of Families with Parents who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender,” he brings to attention, what the child may experience growing up in such circumstances. Some things a child may experience are teasing and sensitivity to being harassed. Both articles have valid arguments on the topic of gay men and lesbian headed families. Mallon argues how lesbians and gay men are potential parents for many children and youth who need permanent families while Webber argues children of non heterosexual couples are more likely to be teased and sensitive to being harassed.

Creating a family is not always simple. Today infertility is becoming more common. For some it may only take a few weeks to conceive, yet others it takes years and for some it may not ever be possible. Mallon extends on this thought a little, “For many lesbians and gay men, foster care or adoption is not a second choice, as it may be for heterosexual men and infertile women, but rather a first choice” (Mallon 68). This is very true. For people to discriminate against gay and lesbian couples who may want to adopt or become foster parents is not reasonable. Because people choose to be gay or lesbian, does not mean that they will make bad parents or...
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