Homosexuality in Vietnam

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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* Considered as “social evil”
* In 2001, 82% of the people surveyed said that homosexuality was never acceptable. In 2007, 80% of adolescents surveyed said “no” when asked if homosexuality was a bad thing. * "In reality, in Vietnam, the issue of homosexuality is not talked about, except by only a few groups like the transgendered, or those who are openly gay," Tung said. (Vu Tung, a gay college student in Vietnam) * The family magazine Tiep Thi Va Gia Dinh also did not mince words on the topic of homosexuality. "Loving people of the same sex is deviant behavior that is incompatible with the good morals and time-honored customs of Vietnam," * Although relatively free from discrimination, some Vietnamese gays feel their existence is ignored rather than accepted (AFP) * Tam, a 24-year-old graphic design artist, has never told his parents, fellow students or work colleagues that he is gay. "If you don’t officially announce it, then people are obliged to treat you equally," said the slightly-built amateur DJ.

Speaking to the insiders’ feeling, there has been a long struggle for them to be acknowledged in Vietnam society, especially in the past, when this issue was considered as a “social evil”, a term that widely used to imply the homosexuals. That was the reason why most homosexuals had to hide their true identities. Take this man as an example. He is the eldest homosexual in Vietnam that ever claimed for his true gender. His name is Nguyễn Trọng Hùng, 73 years old and currently the vice president of a male gay club.
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