Deviate Behavior, Same-Sex Marriage

Topics: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, LGBT Pages: 8 (2512 words) Published: November 17, 2010
Topic: Engage in any kind of deviant behavior, observe and analyse how people around you react. Examples: Face the wall in an elevator. Talk to yourself while walking through a crowd. Walk backwards down the street. Stand up while everyone else is sitting. Or laugh at a sad story.


In this academic paper, I have chosen a topic that if I have engaged in a deviant behavior, how and why people around me will react. This time, I have chosen a controversial activity, same-sex marriage or have an intimate relationship with same gender. For me, I am a male. Given that I have a close relationship with a boy such as we hold each hands and hug in the open area, how others will react around me. There will be definitely two reactions to me; one is opponents’ attitude and supporters’ attitude. Actually, nowadays, there has long been a contrary over the issue of whether the same-sex marriage should be allowed in Hong Kong. As there are many democracy countries, such as Demark, have already implemented laws to protect the same sex couples. Unfortunately, there are still many people, gay and lesbian people in particular, striking for the right of marriage. Hong Kong, as an international-renown metropolis, has not had a consensus on it. Worse still, people in Hong Kong consider same sex marriage as a deviant behavior, some of them boycott them.

It is quite surprise for me to choose this topic. I need to make a statement first, I am not a homosexual people, I have engaged in homosexual way just in order to figure out the reaction of people around the homosexual people. The reason why I will take in this activity, as I found that many people in Hong Kong as well as the foreigners have a negative attitude to those homosexual people. Why will they have such attitude? Also, I have found there are an increasing number of people who support the homosexual people. And why they argue that it is okay to have such intimate relationship. The structural-functionalism and social conflict perspectives can prove this situation, beyond the normal norm.

Same-sex marriage is still considered as a deviant behavior nowadays. Deviance is a behavior that goes against norms, which means that behavior is not the people around expected. Norms are specific behavioral standards, ways in which people are required to follow, the paradigms for a predictable behavior in society. They may not necessarily a moral but they are the rules of conduct, not universal, but keep changing; shifting as society shift; mutable, emergent, loose, reflective of inherent biases and interests, and highly- selfish and one-sided. This will vary from class to class race to race and in the generational ‘gap’. Moreover, it is an unusual behavior- behavior we seldom see others in our own society engage in. (Henry, 2004)

Same-sex marriage is considered as a homosexuality. This behavior is a person who has and prefers sexual contact with the same gender person. Same-sex marriage is a legally or socially recognized marriage between two persons of the same biological sex or social gender. I will take a focus on the reaction of religious people, government, and the families with children. The detailed views will be illustrated as follows.

Structural-functionalism approaches:

This approach is a basic concept. It builds up a whole society, and sees the society as an industry that people have their role to play and keep working with each others in order to make the society stable and united. As its names suggests, this approach points to social structure and function. It relates to stable social behavior and the consequence for the operation of society as a whole. Also, according to Merton’s theory, there is a term called dysfunction, which means some social pattern may ruin the operation of the society.

Many people consider the same-sex marriage as an abnormal behavior. The reason why they will have such concept is that “family” has played a of paramount importance...
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