Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Same-sex marriage Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: May 1, 2013
How socicity treat homosexual
Now a day, there are a lot of people start to express their views and feelings of having homosexual marriage. First, we need to understand what is homosexual. Homosexual is a sexual orientation, which refers to the phenomenon of love, emotional and sexual attraction between same sex individuals. In medical way, emotional proportion of same-sex more than the opposite sex is a homosexual. If you want to determine whether you are a homosexuals or not, generally over 25-year-old in order to determine. Homosexuality can be divided into two, the first is a congenital, and that is born like people of the same sex. According to studies have shown eighty-five pairs of gay twin brother or sister, forty-five pairs of fraternal twins, 40 pairs of identical twins and found that identical twins homosexuality is one hundred percent gay, the dizygotic gay is 15 per cent. The second is acquired , acquired factors usually related to experience and family environment and growth, the formation of more complex factors, gender identity period of four to six-year-old youth and into adulthood early stage, once during this period of gender recognition was difficult may cause homosexual tendencies, or they think the opposite sex is not a reliable because the previous painful experiences such as sexual abuse, to lose confidence in the opposite sex, or they were abandoned by the opposite sex and the opposite sex. Some are from broken families, for example, a fatherless boy by a chronic lack of fatherly love, if a male is good for him, he will be that men adore and fall in love with him. Most people have homosexual discriminatory ingredients, most of them do not accept homosexuality. Every ten couples only two pairs of them accept their sons and daughters are homosexual. The reason why the number of gay gradually increased, scholars believe that is about the concept of the family line and sexual morality and the society. "In a stressed offspring, or...
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