Homework Should Be Abolished for Students

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[pic] |  |The idiom dictionary is compiled from the Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms and the Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms. The Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms explains over 7,000 idioms current in British, American and Australian English, helping learners to understand them and use them with confidence. The Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms, based on the 200 million words of American English text in the Cambridge International Corpus, unlocks the meaning of more than 5,000 idiomatic phrases used in contemporary American English. Full-sentence examples show how idioms are really used. The Cambridge University Press is respected worldwide for its commitment to advancing knowledge, education, learning, and research. It was founded on a royal charter granted to the University by Henry VIII in 1534 and has been operating continuously as a printer and publisher since the first Press book was printed in 1584. Try it out (random idioms):

lose sleep over
get well
knock back a drink
slip mind
breathe fire
got me stumped
fold into
have teeth
a body blow
Use loaf
cleave to
soak in
relax hold on
turn back the clock
go ahead (with
knock block off
ravished with delight
Love will find a way
knock socks off
have on hands
I can accept that
with a capital
take away from
call forward
on sale
warmed over
be off the wall
clean out of
see the light of day
at a dead end
set the agenda
from soup to nuts
case in point
quarrel with
mention to
be wet behind the ears
slough off
ease off
stand for

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