Hometown in Autumn

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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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Week three-The main street of my hometown in the morning

Today was a sunny day and temperature rose unexpectedly, so in the morning I decided to take a walk through the main street of my hometown, Lazarevac. The main street is a pedestrian zone and hardly ever do they let cars pass through it. Karadjordjeva Street is the symbol of the city and represents a meeting place for all generations, pensioners, married couples, youth and children. When the weather is clear, like now, young people rollerblade down the street, older drink coffee in the outdoor cafés, and children make their first steps in this very street. The street is always full of people who enjoy walking, even at this time of day. Buildings in Karadjordjeva Street are small, but cute because they are built in an old style with small-paned, deep set windows and terraces with an iron fence and flowers on it; except for the Gallery of Contemporary Art, cinema and municipal building which are more modern. On one side of the main street there is a library which was previously a town hospital. When authority realized that it was too ramshackle to be found in the main street of the town and could be really impressive because of its architectural style, they decided to renovate it. The facade is in a gentle rose colour and doors’ and windows’ frames are in white colour. Its windows are arched and elegant while massive doors are wide and glass-panelled. Now it adorns the street along with a fountain in front of it. Rows of chestnut trees are on both sides of the street. You can see how the rays of sun are making their way through the trees. And now, in the autumn, fruits of chestnuts fell from the trees and are spilled on the ground near them. Piles of fallen leaves are spread on the pavements. Only a few street sweepers pass by and remove the dry, autumn leaves. The red, yellow, orange and brown leaves crunch underfoot as I am walking, while the leaves falling from the trees are so light that they sidle...
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