Homeless Animals

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Amanda Tucker


Cause of Homeless Animals

April 19, 2013

Lend Me a Paw

What seems to be a harmless

visit to the neighborhood pet store

soon turns into a very emotional

encounter for me. Every Saturday,

Panzer (my dog) and I visit a local

pet store to purchase food and

treats for him. I pass by a dozen of

shelter volunteers eagerly

showcasing homeless pets before

entering the pet store. Shelter

volunteers are special I stop and

greet each new animal that I see in

need of a loving home, I then walk

away emotionally grieving and

trying to holding back tears. My

sadness soon turns into anger,

when I realize I cannot adopt every

homeless pet. While reading a

book by Lucia McKay I read that

“After conducting a study, it was

determined that four times more

cats than dogs were euthanized in

county shelters”(139). The pet

population is an increasing crisis in

America, Author Erin McKenna

says in her text “Enter one of the

more than 5,000 animal shelters in

the United States and you will

likely be inundated with sensory

stimuli: the institutional feeling of

the concrete-and-steel

construction, the sometimes

overwhelming cacophony of

human and animal voices, and the

ever-present smells of animal

waste and disinfectant”(212) These

animals would not be in this

difficult situation if owners of

animals would do these three

things to keep the overpopulation

of dogs and cats from getting out of

hand: Equip animals with

identification tags or microchips,

spay or neuter pets, and be

educated before purchasing or

adopting a pet.

Identification tags are the

most basic identification, they are

widely available and they come in

many shapes and sizes. Microchip

identification is also becoming

more common and it is a

permanent identification. Some

animals are confined at home but

somehow slip out unnoticed

through an open door or are

unleashed. The slightest movement

or noise can scare an animal and

they will bolt when they are

confined to a home. Many have no

sense of direction to find their way

home. This is why I believe that all

animals should be equipped with a

microchip or some form of

identification tag.

Unintentional breeding has

become a huge problem, the

mating of animals whose owners

realize they were old enough, or

didn’t realize they were in heat.

This is the most common problem

of overpopulation of dogs and

cats.” In the United States, 2,000 to

3,500 cats and dogs are born each

hour, compared to the 415 humans

who are born each hour” (Crouch,

“Homeless Animals Information”).

Spaying and neutering animals is

the key to decreasing the

population and keeping animals

healthy. Animals are healthier and

live longer if they have been

surgically altered. Many veterinary

clinics have a low-cost spay and

neuter clinics that can help every

person get their pet surgically

altered at a very reasonable price.

Some people think their pet may

gain weight or encounter a change

in personality, but these situations

tend to be extremely rare and

situational. The only changes a pet

owner may have to make is to

make sure the animal gets exercise

and possibly reduce their food

intake if they are showing signs of

weight gain.

Education is the most

important tool that a pet owner

can and should possess before

adopting or purchasing a pet. Most

dogs and cats have a lifespan

reaching far beyond ten years, so

pet owners should first consider if

they are ready for such a large

commitment. In various states and

counties local animal shelters or

rescue groups will have pet

parenting classes. These classes are

great for beginning pet owners

who just adopted a new pet, but do

not provide all of the tools needed

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