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Topics: Unschooling, Alternative education, High school Pages: 5 (903 words) Published: December 23, 2012
In today’s changing society, parents may often dwell over the best choice for their children’s

Educational needs. Today’s technologie provides choices for parents regarding the type of school

that their children will attend. They have the choice of sending their children to public school or

teaching them from home, which is often conducted by use of a personal computer in the home.

Home schooling provides a more direct approach of educating today’s youth when compared to public

schools. Alternatively, public school offers children a greater chance of enhancing their social skills

and interaction with other children.

In a public school type setting a child will have more programs available for after school

activities, free school bus transportation to and from school and children will collaborate with other

children to solve problems. They will receive a good education but, some of these children will get lost

in the system. In the public school system there are disadvantages too. There are zone restrictions for

neighborhoods, the classrooms’ are filled to the maximum, children won’t have the individual

attention from the teacher and some children will not gain the information on their own. In public

school children will have healthy relationships with other peers’ their own age and be exposed to the

items in society that makes them popular. Some examples of these would be having that certain pair

of high dollar tennis shoes or an expensive pair of jeans. Why do parents’ give their children these

expensive items? I don’t think that we will ever figure this out. I think that children should appreciate

the things that their parents work hard for and appreciate them. Children are spoiled and they bring

this to the public school with them to show off.

Some disadvantage of homeschooling may include the need for a parent to remain in the

home to instruct the child. This may cause financial difficulties for some families, especially if one of

the parents had to stop work in order to instruct their children. As a result, the household budget may

decrease, which may cause added stress for some families. Another factor to consider would be the

level of commitment needed to complete the home schooling curriculum. Parents and children must

be dedicated to the process, which may include the need of adhering to a daily routine.

When choosing between homeschooling and public school, parents should look at their

surronding location that they live in. Parents need to consider any negative influences that may

affect their children’s personal development, such as bad influences from their peers. After careful

examination, a parent would have the opportunity to decide if which type of schooling would best

benefit the child. After carefully accessing the needs of the child, a parent will be faced with the choice

concerning what type of school their child will attend. If a child has special circumstances, such as a

special needs child then homeschool may be an option. When having a child that needs to be watched

closely home schooling would be more efficient for the parents, then trying to figure out how they will

be watched and cared for in a public school.

After observing the pros and the cons of public and home schooling there were some

interesting findings. Public schools have the opportunity for the students to have daily intimate social

interactions; they have many options pertaining to extracurricular activity, and the chance to learn

diversity from others. Unfortunately, in public schools there are higher student teacher rations, less

independence, the loss of freedom to choose the curriculum as well as the possibility of negative peer


Some positive attributes associated with homeschooling includes the student’s opportunity to

choose the classes, the freedom to...
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