Failing Grades

Topics: High school, College, Higher education Pages: 6 (814 words) Published: November 21, 2011
A Survey on Failing
Grades in School

A Term Paper Presented to
Mrs. Grace G. Cabahug

Faculty, High School Department
University of Cebu

In Partial Fulfillment of the
Course Requirement
In English IV

Submitted by:

Kennon Kurt G. Tura

Ian B. Simbra

Lorenz Gayle P. Tolentino

Algelou E. Taghoy

4 – Bronze

S.Y. 2011 – 2012
Table of Contents

Chapter I – The problem and its settings.

Statement of the Problem
Significance of the Study
Statement of the hypothesis
Scope and Delimitation
Definition of Terms

Chapter II – Body


Statement of the Problem

How does failing grades affect the students?

What are the ways to prevent from getting failing grades?

What are the effects of a failing grade to the parents?

What is the role of the parents to avoid failing grades of their children?

What are the causes of students failure?

What is the role of the teachers towards their students?

How can the school help solve the problem of academic failures?

Significance of the Study

Findings of the study will benefit the following.

Statement of the Hypothesis


Having a failing grade is whats students are really afraid of. It's maybe because it affects the trust they have given for themselves especially when their parents expected a lot from them. They would have thought that he/she failed his/her parents. In same instance, it also affects their life in a good way. They would have thought that because they have failing grades, they need to strive harder to get grades next time.


In order to prevent getting failing student should make their studies as their number one priority. Then students should set their goals in life which they really want to reach someday and make their family as an inspiration. With a goal and an inspiration, it will make them study harder and they will give their best to get higher grades.


Parents are very happy when they know that their children are doing well in school but but when their child gets a failing grade they would feel sad and disappointed. Parents would ask their child of they have done something wrong that makes their child be irresponsible in school.


The parents plays a very important role in the school life of the students. The love and support of a parent is one of the factor that would that would help the students. When a student see the efforts of their parents to make them a better person, they would have a thought to make their parents feel that they are getting back the sacrifice they've made. One of that is doing well in school.

Scope and Delimitation


This study contains information about the causes and effects of a student's failing grades.


In this study we conducted a survey and gave the same set of questions to twenty students who had failing grades in the second grading of the school year and twenty students who did not have failing grades.


This study was conducted to a certain group of students who are studying in the University of Cebu – Main Campus, High School Department.

Definition of Terms

Research Design:

The information was gathered by using the survey method, by asking the same set of questions to the respondents. This questions are designed to contrast and discoverthe difference between the students who had failing grades and and to those students that did not have failing grades. In this method we will know what are the causes of students failing in school and why they are failing.

Research Respondents:

The respondents for this study are 4th year students of the high school department of the University of Cebu – Main Campus.

Research Environment:

University of Cebu is an educational institution located at Cebu City,...
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