Goals: Goal and Long Term

Topics: Goal, Time, Term Pages: 2 (813 words) Published: December 9, 2010
Why are goals necessary in life? Goals are objectives set for one to achieve. They come in different types and different length of time. One can have a personal, academic or career goal along with long term or short term goals. There are many goals I would like to achieve. I have created my long term personal, academic and career goals. My long term personal goal I have set for myself is to stay connected to my parents and siblings. I also want to have a family of my own. My academic long term goal is to complete four years in college and obtain a masters or bachelors degree in Computer Analysis. My career long term goal is to get a job in Computer Analysis..

Who should be the most important people in your life? Your parents and siblings are the people that you should never forget. For my long term personal goal, I would like to keep a strong relationship with my family because they are the people who was there for me whenever I needed them. To keep a strong relationship, I believe I need to have an open communication with my parents. For instance, I would call them if I were to come home late or keep them informed of my whereabouts. I want a family of my own that I can provide for them with a good home and with a stable income. I believe to reach this goal I need a small step. I want to save money and keep some in a savings account that I can use later in life for my family. I believe to reach this goal I need a short term goal that I can concentrate on for a short period of time. I feel that I need to show my parents that I am a responsible person and that I can fulfill any responsibilities given to me. During this journey in reaching in this goal, we may come cross penny little arguments that may escalate into bigger problems but surely if I follow my game plan everything should be alright.

Education should be the first thing in everyone’s mind. Since I was a child, I had valued education very greatly. It has always been a big part in my life. For my...
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