Home Background Factors Related to Academic Success

Topics: Education, High school, School Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Subject: what are the school and the home background factors that are related to academic success?

Academic success can be defined as excellence in all academic disciplines in class as well as extracurricular activities. It includes excellence in sporting, behavior, confidence, communication skills, assertiveness, arts, culture… But to fulfill academic success, different factors must be achieved. What are these factors?

From birth to age eighteen, children spend just a fraction of their lives in school. Therefore, it is not surprising that many factors outside the school environment can significantly influence students' prospects for academic success in school. That’s why home background is considered one of the important factors related to academic success. First, parents’ beliefs, expectations and attitudes about education have a profound impact on student’s conceptions of the significance of education in their lives. What parents think about the importance of doing well in school is often mirrored in student results. In other words, if the parents were educated they know the consequences of education in the life; that’s why they encourage their children to study. A study by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company found that nearly all students (98%) who earned A’s and B’s on their report cards reported that their parents encouraged them to do well in school. Among students who earned mostly C’s said they received little parental encouragement. Second, why children succeed or fail in school is related to the mother’s level of education which is one of the most important factors influencing children’s reading levels and other school achievements; therefore, quality of maternal care is one of the factors helping students to achieve academic success. Third, a relatively large family appeared to be not impediment to the educational achievements of middle-class children, but for those with less privileged home circumstances a small family was...
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