Holy Spirit and Grandmother

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| Enoch and the Gorilla| |
Enoch| Enoch is a very “dark” man. His attire always consist of dark colors. .He wears dark glasses, dark furry arm, black truck and he had a black heart. He even wears his dark glasses in the rain. This is to hide his unhappy disposition. Enoch is a biblical character who was taken by God but never died. The only quoted words from Enoch the biblical character are “God shall be coming with his saints to judge and convict them.” This could intertwine with Enoch and the Gorilla because Enoch thinks that people judge him and do not like him so they are convicting him to a bad and lonely life.| 108| Name| Flannery gives the character Enoch the only name in this short story. This is because she wants to emphasize the importance of the character and the fact that he is the center focus of the story.| 108| Gorilla| Enoch wants to imitate the guy in the gorilla suit because he sees the guy in the gorilla suit getting all kinds of attention. He sees that everyone loves the guy in the gorilla suit, whether it’s children or adults. Enoch wants to be the guy in the gorilla suit because he is lonely and wants the attention the gorilla gets. When he first becomes the gorilla, the first handshake he receives makes him realize what he has been missing from being a loner.| 109| Children| The children standing in line to meet the gorilla acted more like adults than children. They tell Enoch what time it is from the watch the kid is wearing, they get angry when the gorilla is late, and when the converse with each other they begin to sound less and less like children. | 109| Adults| The adults in Flannery’s short story act more like children than adults. They stand in the line to meet the guy dressed up in a gorilla suit. What adult waits in line to meet a gorilla? They act like they don’t know it isn’t a real gorilla. They’re characteristics are much more like children than adults.| 110| Repition| “He wanted to become something. He wanted to better his condition. He wanted to, some day, to see a line of people waiting to shake his hand.”| 112| Paris Diner| Paris is a beautiful, romantic, and elegant city in Europe. But the way Flannery uses Paris in the name of the diner she makes it seem run down. The use of an elegant city’s name for a diner contradicts the word Paris. It gives it a black and white look to ensure that you can picture what the diner looks like.| 112| Honor | Do you snatch honor or receive it? Honor is a quality you receive. It is a source of credit for good that you’ve done. You cannot snatch that for yourself from anyone else. You must carry out honorable acts in order to receive honor from people.| 113| Imagery| Flannery uses imagery to entertain her audience and put certain images and real life situations into their mind. “Digging rapidly until he made a trench about a foot long a foot deep” (Pg. 115) It allows the audience to understand more about what is going on and places an image of a person digging a trench or a hole into the ground.| 115| Quote| “It still shone with the inspiration he had absorbed from the comic strips, but something else had come over it: a look of awakening.”Awakening is a religious word. The Great Awakening was an American Religious movement.| 115| | A Good Man is Hard to Find| |

East Tennessee| The Grandmother did not want to go to Florida. She wanted to go to East Tennessee, the more boring end. | 117| Grandmother| The whole story is based on two characters, the Misfit and the Grandmother. Many can argue the Grandmother was more of a Misfit than the actual Misfit himself because of her arrogant, artificial, and disrespectful ways. In every way possible the grandmother thinks she is morally superior to every other person and never once thinks badly about herself. She causes the family to die when she says her old house is near and they should go see it but really she misrepresents it because the house Is really in...
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