Tribe Boys

Topics: Tribe, Crocodile, Rainforest Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Medicine Men

Dr. Chris and Dr. Xan experience a lot of doubt, frustration, fun, hard work, exhaustion, and numerous other things in their participant observation in the jungle of the Congo. They first arrive in one of the main cities of Africa. Chris and Xan visit a medicine store packed with dried reptiles and other animals. The shop owner shows them a chimpanzee head, and tells them that it is a gorilla head. The Dr.’s reaction is that the store owner is ignorant, not only because the head he thinks is a gorilla, is actually a chimpanzee, but also because his belief that the medicine actually works. The Dr.’s take a trip and arrive at a small village outside the Congo Forrest. The next morning they head into the forest via boats. The water is so shallow that they have to struggle through mud on foot. They gradually reach dry ground and soon later reach a tribe with a community of about 30. The tribe is building a new camp and the Dr.’s soon begin to help them. They realize that every bit of rain forest has a precise use. After a half hour the Dr.’s build a lien to, which they will call home for the next few days. They begin to inquire with some of the tribes people. They ask one of the tribesmen to instruct them how to speak their language. They start with body parts and this soon leads to the private parts. Some of the woman in the tribe begin to laugh when the men are teaching the Dr.’s the words. They realize that private parts can cause laughter in even the smallest of tribes, in the middle of a rain forest. One of the Dr.’s even takes a tribal drug that helps with erectile dysfunction. The Dr.’s are taken hunting for crocodiles. They are successful in find and trapping one. They bring it back to the tribe and they watch the tribe boys chop it up. Then the crocodile is cooked. They love the crocodile and believe that if they could stay in the jungle, that they would soon be filled with crocodile meat....
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