Holy Communion Episcopal Church Business Outlook

Topics: Methodism, Anglicanism, Christianity Pages: 3 (777 words) Published: December 13, 2012
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Emily A. Turner
AIU Online
August 19, 2012

Holy Communion Episcopal Church is a little church in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, over 130 years old. It is the second home to Emily and the topic of this business outlook.

Holy Communion Episcopal Church of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, is now considered a second home to Emily and her husband, Peter. She started a spiritual journey with the Alden Methodist Church of Alden, Illinois. As she grew up Emily noticed something was missing. Emily turned to an earth-based religion called ADF. After moving to her parents' home in November 2012 she began attending a Bible study at Holy Communion. The part that was missing had been finally filled in an organization that welcomes all people, is tolerant of other beliefs, and allows people to question the faith openly. This became the tradition Emily and Peter came to belong in. Emily is still learning about the organization of the church and the parish members. She thought that describing the organization via this project would help her ask the right questions and learn more about the tradition she's come to love. Basic Legal Environment

Legally the church exists as a 401(c) Non-profit organization. It is required to pay taxes and exist to not profit. No parish member is allowed to profit from being a member. They are subject to many of the laws profit organizations are. They must adhere to building safety regulations and food service regulations. Like businesses they are required to purchase permits from the city when hosting flea markets. Emily knows this in particular as chair of the summer flea market fundraisers. Social Environment

The church is incredibly outward focused. The mission of the church is "Accepting all people, sharing God's love, and teaching...
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