Putting a End to Worship Wars

Topics: Christianity, Holy Spirit, Christian worship Pages: 3 (624 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

Putting An End To Worship Wars

A Paper

Submitted to Dr. Rodney Earls

In Partial Fulfillment

Of the Requirements for the Course

Evangelism Spiritual Factors of Church Growth

EVAN 500


Mary L. Crum

28 May 2011

Summary of the book

There are many different kinds of worship styles because there are different kinds of people with different kinds of personalities. America is made up of different races and religion therefore we worship God differently. God created mankind in His image and His likeness to worship Him in spirit and truth. We must Worship God according to the principles of Scriptures so that He is magnified, glorified and exalted. It does not matter that we express our worship differently. What does matter is that we worship God with all our hearts and inner being. We as the church, the body of Christ must learn to except the difference in worship, if the worship is legitimate and stop trying to force our way of worship on other members of the body of Christ.

America is the only nation that has different worship styles in the churches. The change in worship is because of culture changes such as the Internet, computerized television screens, and the Interstate freeway. American no longer chooses a church by denomination or church doctrine but by worship service and gift gravitation.

Research revealed that churches were growing because of renewal, revival, and excitement not from outreach programs. The excitement of worship produced growth.

Worship service are different because of cultural difference, different spiritual gifts and because the commands and principles of Scripture are applied differently.

Worship wars have split churches, caused Pastors to be replaced, caused members to leave, and caused drops in...
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