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Cultural genocide in Tibet compared to the Holocaust

The Holocaust has many tragedies and losses, it is considered the biggest genocide in history. The cultural genocide in Tibet also had many losses and was one of the worst in history. The cultural genocide in Tibet consisted mainly of torturing their victims to death, whereas in the Holocaust they were killed quick many at a time.

The cultural genocide of Tibet started when the Chinese declared that Tibet should be part of China. Years later, the Chinese said that Tibet was part of China because of the warrior Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan and the Mongolians were in control of Tibet, but they never made Tibet belong to china. Tibet had their own government before the Chinese took over. It was led by His Royal Highness, the Dalai Lama. Before the Chinese came in and took over Tibet, Tibet had nothing to do with China. The Chinese invaded Tibet in July of 1949. The goal of the Chinese was to eradicate the Tibetan religion so anyone who did not give up their religion was tortured to death, if you managed to escape Tibet the Chinese would find one of your relatives and torture them until they tell them were you went, if they did not then they would be killed.

The methods the Chinese used to kill the Tibetans were mainly just torturing them to death, they throw you naked in water that is near freezing until you pass out then they bring you out and pour boiling water on you to wake you up, they would do this several times until your skin peeled off and you bled to death. They would also just put you in a huge pot of boiling water until your skin turned white and you died. Another way they would kill you is they take bamboo slivers and jam them under your toenails and fingernails and tie you on a cross so you cant bend over and throw you in jail until you died.

Nobody really resisted because if you resisted they would torture you slowly to make an example out of it so the other people wouldn't...
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