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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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The Holocaust was one of the, or possibly the, most horrific event to take place in human history because of the complete disregard of innocent human life, Adolf Hitler's idea of "ethnic cleansing", and the fact that civilians and many other people went along with it. It was the Nazi plan for the total annihilation of the Jewish people during World War II. The amount of lives lost throughout the Holocaust was disgusting. Hitler was the main cause of the deaths because he thought the Jewish people and others were not as perfect as the Germans. Many people throughout the entire massacre watched and did nothing about this injustice, so the problem was not fixed as soon as it could have been. Many people know about the horrible wrong doings that occurred throughout the Holocaust, but not many people know why the Nazis wanted to do this to the Jews or even the specifics of the events that took place.

So many lives were lost throughout the Holocaust that the number had to be estimated in the records. Six to eight million lives were lost throughout the duration of the Holocaust. Along with lives lost there were 3,000 camps throughout all of Europe. These were concentration camps, labor camps, and death camps. The objective of the concentration camps were to "change the anti-social members of society into useful citizens". Labor camps were where inmates worked; many to death. When the decision to kill all Jews was established, many of these camps were turned into death camps. This explains how the majority of the lives were lost in death camps. These camps were also called extermination camps and were created by the Nazis. There were six death camps, each located on a major railroad line so that it would be easier to transport the Jews to the death camps. If you entered a death camp, you were usually murdered. If not, you were selected to assist in the murder process or you were lucky enough to be let out of the camp before it was your turn to be...
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