Holiday Homework of Millennium School

Topics: Addition, Rational number, Multiplicative inverse Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: June 28, 2012
Holiday Homework

Class VIII
English: Complete the Apprentice Work on ‘Articles’ and ‘Prepositions.’ Prepare a PPT each to showcase the rules that govern the usage of Articles and Preposition. Complete the Apprentice Work for the following Chapters. (a) Rational Numbers (b) Exponents and Powers Prepare a PPT on the Topic Rational numbers. Do the given sums in your practice copy. Physics: - Make a PPT on Force and Pressure. Do the given questions in fair copy. Chemistry:- Make a PPT on Synthetic fibers, polymers, plastics, etc illustrating their preparations, composition, advantages and disadvantages. Do the given questions in fair copy. Biology: - Complete the Apprentice work of ‘Crop’ Production and Management (as discussed in class). Make a PPT on ‘Boer War’- Chapter1. Write an article on the “Conservation of Resources” (Use colored A-4 Sheets) and stick the same in your fair notebook. Collect information about:(a) Influence on the Constitution of India of different constitutions of the World. (b) Constituent Assembly of India.(Using A- 4 Sheets)


Science: -



Computers: - Make a PPT on the Influence of Internet on the Present generation and write 5 points on the same in your notebooks. Make a PPT on the Economic Development of India: Past Decade. Maths: Do Ques 1 to 13 in notebook. 1. Convert the following non-terminating recurring decimals into fractions: (a) 0.152 (b) 2.18 (c) 4.113 2. Find two rational numbers between the following: (a) -2/9 and 5/9 (b) -3 and -2 (c) -1/9 and -2/3 3. Simplify the following expressions and find the multiplicative inverse of the result: (a) 1/3 + (-2/7) (b) 4/3 X 1/2÷3/2 (c) 11/2 X 7/4 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Is 1 the additive inverse of -1? Give reason Does zero have a reciprocal? Why? Is every rational number an integer? Give reason Is 0 the additive inverse of itself? Give reason Is 3/4 + (-3/4) =0? Give reason

9. Answer the following with the help of an example: (a) (b) (c) (d) Is addition...
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